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What is Sound Practice Language Learning about?

Language learners, language teachers, and all language lovers can call this place home.

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Welcome to the first post of the blog!

My name is Mathew. I’m crazy about languages and that is how I ended up working as a teacher trainer in China. Those of you that know me probably know that I’m very nerdy about languages. Sound Practice is where I will be expressing my ideas about language learning and language teaching. Some posts will also be creative content for learners of English to enjoy.

For Language Teachers

I work with English teachers and help them get through stressful yet rewarding courses. My teaching interests and my experiences as a language learner extend beyond the scope of what I can cover on a normal course. Sound Practice is for teachers of any language, not just English. Some areas that I will explore are my own preferred teaching techniques, ideas on professional development, and how to really improve language learning.

My teaching beliefs are heavily influenced by what I’ve experienced through applying the principles of the Four Strands. The Four Strands ensures balanced opportunities for language learning. Sound Practice will have a lot on the Four Strands.

For English Learners

A lot of my future readers will be on the road to learning English. One of the most important ingredients for learning a language is to get a lot of comprehensible input. I plan to make plenty of material that can be read and listened to with ease for different levels. Sound Practice will have short stories, study tips, interviews, and podcasts.

For all Language Learners

I’ve tried to learn at least 20 languages and I’ve had reasonable success with five of them. I’ve tried  lots of different techniques and study schedules. I plan to share all of that here and more. Language learners will find plenty of ideas here to improve their own habits with Sound Practice.

Language learners, language teachers, and all language lovers can call this place home.

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