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Freediving (for English Learners)

I learned to hold my breath for four minutes and I dived to 20 meters.

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Freediving is a water sport. You hold your breath and swim underwater. Some people can dive to 100 meters with only one breath of air.

In this video I am freediving to about 15 meters.

I can only dive to about 15 or 20 meters on one breath of air. Some people think that going down so deep is scary. I think it’s very relaxing.

I’ll tell you how I started freediving.

Four years ago I went to Thailand for the first time. I went to the beach a lot. I like to swim, so I used a mask and a snorkel to see the fish under the water.

The next day I went on a boat to Similan Islands. Similan Islands are a national park. You can see sea turtles and lots of fish. Sometimes the water was very deep. More than 10 meters deep.

When I tried to dive deep my ears started to hurt. There was too much water pressure squeezing my ears. I couldn’t hold my breath long underwater. As soon as I got to the bottom I needed to come up for air.

What I remembered and enjoyed the most was seeing all the fish. I saw a sea turtle and I found Nemo as well.

After my vacation was finished, I went online and I discovered freediving. Snorkeling is swimming and looking down at the fish. Freediving is swimming with the fish on one breath. I wanted to hold my breath for a long time and swim very deep.

A year later I went back to Thailand and I took a freediving course. It was three days long and I learned how to relax underwater and hold my breath for four minutes. I dived to 20 meters too. During the course my teacher helped me make the video that you watched.

I’ve only been back to Thailand one time since I learned how to freedive. I plan to take another course and learn how to dive deeper!

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