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Baking Pizza Bread was a Bad Idea (for English Learners)

Wait! Is that how you should light an oven?

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This is something that happened to me when I was ten years old. It was summer. I was staying at my aunt’s house in my home town. My cousin Shawn and I used to play together every day. We would go to the river to go fishing, catch frogs, and even look for snakes. We also cooked together sometimes. Although e were only 10 years old, Shawn knew how to cook a lot of food. One of our favorite foods was pizza bread. It is pizza that you make with slices of bread, tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni (or anything else you want).

One morning Shawn’s mom was at work. Shawn and I were hungry. We both liked to make pizza bread but we had never made alone. His mother always helped us. It was our first time to use the oven without her. Shawn said that he knew how to make the pizza bread.

So we started making pizza bread.

Shawn’s oven was broken. There was no fire inside.  How do you light the fire inside an oven? Shawn said that we needed to turn on the gas and then light the gas with fire.

Wait! Is that how you should light an oven?

Look at the picture:

You should turn off the gas first. Then you should light the inside of the oven. Only at the end should you turn on the gas.

But Shawn said to turn on the gas first.

Ok. We were only ten years old and we didn’t know what we should have done. I just listened to Shawn.

We used matches.

Using matches was more difficult. The fire kept going out.

I tried 5 times before I could light the oven.

The oven door was broken too. The door would fall to the floor. So Shawn had to hold the oven door open.

When we were lighting the oven we were both working together. He held the door open. I lit the oven.

My head was almost inside the oven.

When I finally had a good fire with the match, I tried to light the oven.

The oven exploded.

Everything was black.

Everything was quiet.

The first thing I could hear was the back door of the house closing.

Shawn was already out of the house. He had run so fast and escaped before I knew what had happened.

I went outside and found Shawn. He was very scared. Then I saw all of his hair was burned. We both went inside to the bathroom. In the mirror I saw myself. I was so red and almost all of my hair was burnt. Even the hair in my nose was gone!

Shawn was washing his arms in the bathroom. His arm was burned because he had been holding the oven door open.

Then I heard a loud DING from the kitchen. It was the timer on the oven. I had forgotten all about the pizza bread. The pizza bread was finished.

I took out the pizza bread and asked Shawn if he wanted any. He was still too scared from the explosion and he was still washing his arms in the water.

I ate his pizza bread and mine.

2 thoughts on “Baking Pizza Bread was a Bad Idea (for English Learners)”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA~ If it happened in China,there would be a doubles match in your house by your parents that night.and you had to lie on the bed next few days.

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