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Video on Using Role Plays and Pair Conversation (5 of 20)

How do you ensure that there is enough repetition of familiar conversations and role plays?

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This is video is meant for language teachers or language learners. English learners will need to be upper intermediate in order to follow comfortably. 


In the last video we looked at Prepared Talks for developing Speaking in the Meaning Focused Input Strand. Pair conversations are friendly talks we have with other people. It could be about talking about the weather or what we did last weekend. Role Plays are about learners acting out a familiar situation such as asking for directions or buying vegetables at the market. The video suggests how to ensure that there is enough repetition of these activities to ensure there is learning that takes place. This will be the last video on speaking for Meaning Focused Output.

Where is the video?

If you can’t see a video here, you can go to Youku. Here is a link to the video on Youku if you are unable to view the video.

List of Video Posts in the series

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