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Speed Reading and Repeated Reading (video 13 of 20)

This is the 13th video of 20. We will talk about how to get more fluent with reading by speed reading and doing repeated reading.

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Who is this video for?

This is video is meant for language teachers or language learners. English learners will need to be upper intermediate in order to follow comfortably. 

What to expect in the video?

This video will stress the fundamental differences between the kind of reading you would do with Meaning Focused Input (extensive reading) and Intensive Reading. There are great tips for teachers who are interested in increasing their students’ reading speeds and also practical ideas for independent language learners. 

Where is the video?

If you can’t see a video here, you can go to Youku. Here is a link to the video on Youku if you are unable to view the video.

List of Video Posts in the series

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