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Language Focused Learning with Spelling and Word Formation (video 16 of 20)

What are some deliberate learning activities we can use for practicing spelling? In the end I demonstrate how this can work with a range of scripts.

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Who is this video for?

This is video is meant for language teachers or language learners. English learners will need to be upper intermediate in order to follow comfortably. 

How do learners get better at spelling?

This video demonstrates a very practical activity that can be done with a range of different writing systems to give deliberate attention to spelling. One of the key messages to learn from the 4 Strands is that we learn through message focused learning. That means that we shouldn’t necessarily spend too much time on focusing on spelling. Most of our work with the three message focused strands  will provide lots us with plenty of information and reinforcement with spelling. Watch the video for a more concise overview and how to use the activity at the end. 


Where is the video?

If you can’t see a video here, you can go to Youku. Here is a link to the video on Youku if you are unable to view the video.

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