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Planning a Scheme of Work (video 19 of 20)

Here is one way to ensure a course is being planned with the right balance.

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Who is this video for?

This is video is meant for language teachers or language learners. English learners will need to be upper intermediate in order to follow comfortably. 

How do you plan activities in a course?

Ok, let’s put everything we know from the series together… This video assumes you’ve watched videos 1-17 in the series. I’ll give you a visual layout of how to plan activities in a course with one week in mind. The student I have in mind for this is an independent language learner that has up to 40 minutes a day for language learning. The way I plan out the week and allot times for activity types could easily be applied to other courses. For example, teachers could watch this and get an idea of how to plan several lessons out to ensure a balance of learning opportunities. 


Where is the video?

If you can’t see a video here, you can go to Youku. Here is a link to the video on Youku if you are unable to view the video.

List of Video Posts in the series

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