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The Four Strands: Planning for Balanced Language Learning

The Four Strands: Planning for Balanced Language Learning  equips candidates with the necessary tools to plan for successful language learning for students or for themselves by ensuring there is a balance of learning opportunities in language course. The course amounts to approximately 100 hours of work spread over 4-6 months.  

There are 3 ways to complete the course: Focus 1, Focus 2, and Focus 3.  

Focus 1 and Focus 2 are for teachers. For language teachers who are able to put the 4 Strands into practice with their own students should choose Focus 1. Focus 2 is more appropriate if you are a language teacher and you do not have a class that is appropriate for completing Focus 1 (you may not be in an academic manager, own your own school, or only have one-to-one classes, for example). Both Focus 1 and Focus 2 are practical in nature and involve substantial application of what is learned on the course along with feedback from a Cambridge-approved Celta tutor. There is online interaction from like-minded teachers who are also completing Focus 1 and Focus 2. Most teachers will be English teachers, but it is possible to do the course work by teaching another language that the tutor understands. 

Focus 3 is for people who want to learn how to improve their own foreign language learning (not for teachers).  You will learn how to plan for your own language learning and gain confidence to continue learning a language that they have been learning, or go on to choose other languages to learn. Course work involves applying the principles of the 4 Strands to your own language learning and documenting your progress. Online interaction with other learners on completing Focus 3 will keep you motivated as well. 

The goals of the course are to:

  • Become more familiar with the each of the Four Strands: Meaning Focused Input, Meaning Focused Output, Language Focused Learning, and Fluency Development;
  • Receive continuous developmental feedback on up to 11 assignments
  • Analyze activities and their effectiveness for language learning potential; and, 
  • Build a digital portfolio that documents and displays progress.

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