The Four Strands: Planning for Balanced Language Learning

focus 3
For Language learners

This is for anyone who wants to learn how to learn a language better. This focus requires that you either start learning a language or you continue learning a language that you’ve studied before. Through your own language learning you will learn more about the Four Strands and how to plan your own study schedule.  You will gain the confidence to begin learning other languages later if you choose. 

The assignments and method of completion for Focus 3 is different from Focus 1 and 2. In this course you will work closely with your tutor and compile a digital portfolio that documents your progress with language learning. Your course and assignments will depend much on your individual goals which you will negotiate with your tutor. 


  • -Have at least a high B1 level of English (approaching B2 at approximately IELTS Band 6) in order to participate in the coursework. 
  • -Be willing to spend a maximum of 2 hours learning a new language (not English) using self-study techniques on the course (to be negotiated with the tutor).
  • -Download the following book for background reading:
    • Required reading:
    •      – “What you need to know to learn a foreign language” by Paul Nation.

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