Mathew's Language Study Log

Please read this first:

Welcome to my Language Learning Log. I enjoy learning languages and using activities that give me practice in the Four Strands. You can read about the Four Strands in a post I wrote earlier “What every language learner and teacher should know: the Four Strands.” 

I am an English teacher and a teacher trainer of English. I’m passionate about language learning and I spend time learning languages. A lot of my work in the Four Strands involves writing and speaking in the languages I’m studying. I am trying to post some of that here in the form of “blog posts.” This is just a way to make some of my language learning more public and shareable. 

Please know that I am a native speaker of English and I have nonnative features in the languages I’m writing in. The focus of all the content below (that is not in English) is to focus on the communication of meaning. So I encourage you to comment on the content of what I write about. If you would like to give me feedback on any mistakes in the posts marked “Meaning Focused Output Work,” that would be most welcome. I am at best an intermediate learner in some of these languages and I’m not necessarily aiming to be like “a native speaker.” 

My current study log (April 2020)

If you’re curious to see what my study log looks like these days, here is a word document of the log I was using for the week of April 22-28, 2020. Here I’m not focusing too much on the amount of time, but on how I balance activities. 

Here are some other examples of language logs I’ve used in the past:

  • Fall 2019: This is an excel spreadsheet where I kept track of time spent on each language I was working with. There was a time I tried 20 languages at once. Unfortunately I was not quite up to the challenge. 
  • Fall 2018: Here is another spreadsheet. I was aiming to spend a lot of time with each language I was learning and focus mainly on reading.
  • Fall 2017: My goal in this spreadsheet here was to get used to the different activities in the Four Strands. Unfortunately I didn’t return to using the Four Strands until late 2019.

Blog posts about my language studies:

Mathew Armstrong

Early June 2020 Update

Wondering what I’ve been doing lately? Here’s why it’s been quiet here at Sound Practice…

Fluency Development Work
Mathew Armstrong



Meaning Focused Output Work
Mathew Armstrong


Quand j’etais aux Champs Élysées j’ai vu un advértissement pour “le petit Prince.” C’était un film. J’ai acheté une billet pour le voir et je l’ai vu. C’était très agréable.

Meaning Focused Output Work
Mathew Armstrong

Wie ich Deutsch gelernt habe

Meine Flussigkeit mit Spanish und Franzözisch war besser als auf Deutsch, aber ich wollte eines Tages etwas mit Vergleichender Literatur weiter studieren.