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The Little Prince and his travelling cloak

This story is about a little boy named Dolor. He was a Prince. When he was just a baby his mother and father died. Then his uncle Tom became King. The poor Prince was sent away to live in a tower for all his days. Prince Dolor was all alone and just wanted to have a friend. Then one day, an old lady came with a magic travelling cloak.

This book has been made for learners of English who have a vocabulary of 1000 words. 

Audio for the book

You can listen and read the story with the audio. There are 8 audio recordings. The book takes about 82 minutes to finish if you read and listen. 

Chapter 1 Audio Recording

Chapter 2 Audio Recording

Chapter 3 Audio Recording

Chapter 4 Audio Recording

Chapter 5 Audio Recording

Chapter 6 Audio Recording

Chapter 7 Audio Recording

Chapter 8 Audio Recording

How was this graded reader made?

This book was written by Dina Dolorez Mulock in 1875. The book was originally called “The Little Lame Prince and his Travelling Cloak.” The pictures were illustrated by Hugo von Hofsten.

The graded reader format of this book was created by Mathew Armstrong in 2020 using data from the AntWordProfiler program using word family lists based on the British National Corpus and the Corpus of Contemporary American English. The first 1,000 word families (including the additional vocabulary on pages 5-8) cover 98% of the words in this book. 2% of the vocabulary in this book are from the second 1,000 word families and are repeated to maximize the possibility of learning them.

Anthony, L. (2012). AntWordProfiler (Version 1.4.0) [Computer Software]. Tokyo, Japan: Waseda University. Available from